How to start a dry fruit business in India?

How to start a profitable dry fruit business

Dry fruits are universally cherished, and as I delved into the world of these delectable treats, I stumbled upon a fascinating revelation. Despite their popularity, there exists a plethora of rare dry fruits that are not only in high demand but also surprisingly underserved in the online market. Astonishingly, only a handful of sellers, approximately 5-6, have tapped into this lucrative opportunity.

If you harbor aspirations of venturing into the dry fruit business, then you’ve fortuitously stumbled upon a comprehensive guide that promises to be your compass on this exciting journey.

Let’s begin – How can you start a dry fruits business in India?

Demand and Competition of Dry Fruit Business in India

Almost 2,00,000 people use to search “Dry fruits” only on Google every month and this number is increasing day by day. India is a developing nation and growing which means Indians purchasing power also increasing regularly. Dry fruits are easily sellable products. As per my research only “mixed dry fruits” was searched 18,000 times per month on Google.

It’s also easy to rank if you create a website. It’s really a million-dollar business.

How to start a profitable dry fruit business

Low competition dry fruits Product

The primary objective of any business is to generate profits, as it serves as the lifeblood that sustains and drives growth. You can’t run a business without profits that’s why you should target low-competition products that can be sold easily on marketplace platforms and your website. Do you know what is process of selling a website is? if you have little knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, then you can understand this post easily.

This is the process of search engine optimization:

Step-1. Find Low competition keywords: First, we find a topic/keyword with a low competition value. Low competition means only a few people write posts or list products and optimize them. Ex: While writing this post, I decided my keywords would be -“How to start a dry fruits business”. I chose these keywords because I didn’t find any good post on it so I decided to write for you. same way you have to decide low competition keywords first and then start working on that. To find low-competition keywords, You can contact me. I’d love to assist you.

Step-2. Write Post/Create pages: Now write a post or create pages for that topic.

Step-2. Optimize your Keywords: Once you wrote/created pages or listed your products, it’s time to optimize them so that when someone searches for them they find your website and do conversion anything like sales or leads.

Domain Name for your business

According to me, You must deeply analyze or think twice before buying the domain and choosing a company name. It’s the most important part of your journey. Company name/domain name must be short, easy to pronounce, easy to remember, and have no spelling mistakes. You take the help of AI to generate a domain name for your company. Namelix is the best AI website to generate a domain name for you.

How to start a profitable dry fruit business

Business Website Creation for Dry Fruits Business

A good attractive, Fast, and user-friendly website can boost conversion by 50X. I noticed this in my 7 years of digital marketing journey. I recommend Shopify for your e-commerce website but it little costly if you go with WordPress make sure you have fast hosting like Hostarmada. To get more information on e-commerce web development, Let us know we’ll get your fast, attractive, and highly convertible business website for you.

Find a Dry Fruit Supplier

You may get good Dry fruit suppliers on or you can wholesale market in Delhi, Mumbai, or Kashmir.

Documents required to start dry fruits business

You need to apply for the following licenses to start a dry fruits business. You can skip MSME, Trade License, and IEC registration if you selling only in India.

  • GST registration
  • MSME registration
  • Trade license
  • FSSAI registration and certificate
  • IEC registration

Profits margin for dry fruits business

By making the essential investments in the resources outlined earlier, the annual profit margins for the dry fruits business in India can reach a substantial 5-10%. These margins can fluctuate depending on the chosen distribution channel, whether it’s online or retail. Nevertheless, with a minimum investment of ₹2-3 lakhs, the profit margins can be notably lucrative. Furthermore, during festive seasons, when strategic offers and promotions are deployed, sales can experience a remarkable boost, resulting in an impressive 25-30% increase in margins.

How to grow a dry fruits business?

Marketing is the most important and challenging task for any business. By doing to right marketing, You can easily grow a dry fruits business. Below are a few marketing strategies you can apply to grow your new brand dry fruits business.

  • Search Engine Optimization: Not for dry fruits, but For any business you want to start. It’ll work for that. You must focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and rank your highly convertible keywords in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Also, list your office on Google My Business, Collect reviews, and attract a local audience for your city.
  • Power of Content Marketing: Content marketing is nothing but creating posts on social media, writing blog posts, and posting videos on Instagram and YouTube.
  • Paid Campaign for Quicker Results: Paid ads like Google PPC, and Facebook ads can boost your revenue in a short time. Google PPC is always king in the market. We have a professional Google PPC marketer if you need any help. Book your free consultation now.
  • Market Place Sales: This strategy even works in starting your business. You have to list your products on Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Mesho, eBay, and Other e-commerce Platforms. Even you can export your products using Amazon and sell them in the United States of America. Let us know if you have already done business and want to sell in Canada and the USA.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s)

Is a dry fruit business profitable?

The profitability of a dry fruit business varies based on factors like market demand, sourcing quality, pricing, distribution channels, marketing, competition, and operational efficiency. Conduct thorough research and planning to assess potential profitability in your specific circumstances. Profitability for the dried fruits business in India is as high as 5-10% annually, with a small investment in resources as stated below. 

How to sell dried fruit?

To sell dried fruit, follow these steps:
1. Market Research: Understand your target audience and their preferences. Identify trends and niches in the dried fruit market
2. Sourcing: Find reliable suppliers for quality dried fruits. Consider local, organic, or exotic options depending on your market.
3. Legal Requirements: Ensure compliance with food safety regulations, obtain necessary licenses, and meet labeling requirements.
4. Packaging: Use attractive and functional packaging to preserve freshness and appeal to customers.
5. Distribution: Choose distribution channels such as online stores, physical retail, or both, depending on your budget and target market.
6. Pricing: Set competitive yet profitable prices based on your costs and market research.
7. Marketing: Create a strong online presence, use social media, and run promotions to attract customers.
8. Customer Service: Provide excellent customer service and address customer inquiries and concerns promptly.
9. Quality Control: Regularly inspect and maintain the quality of your dried fruits to retain customer trust.
10. Feedback and Adaptation: Listen to customer feedback and adapt your offerings and strategies accordingly.
11. Expansion: Consider expanding your product range and exploring new markets to grow your business.


The Success of any business depends on multiple factors like planning, investments, marketing, and branding. We are a group of certified professionals who can handle your all marketing tasks to grow your dry fruits business. We are really interested in discussing your plan to start this lucrative business. Let’s plan and grow together. Book your free digital marketing consultation.

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